The apartment is located in the northern Bucharest, approximately 5 minutes away from Airport Baneasa in a quiet villa area. The apartment in question is on the first floor of three storey property, each, excluding the ground floor, housing another apartment.
Generous amount of space
The apartment has a surface area of 520 square metres and is composed of a living room, office, three bedrooms, home theatre, kitchen and three bathrooms. The floors are hardwood in the case of the home theatre, office and bedrooms, tiled in the case of the bathrooms and the kitchen, and made out of the stone in the case of the halls and living room.
Spa area
Located on the ground floor, this area was designed as a comprehensive facility for bodily maintenance, physical training and relaxation, and it includes a modern pool, jacuzzi, changing rooms, gym, massage room, dry and wet sauna.
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