Tenants have exclusive daily access for two hours to the spa according to a schedule established with the other tenants.

The chamber in which the pool functions has an area of almost 200 square metres. The pool has an underwater illumination system with colour controls. The water is heated to 29 degrees Celsius. The pool is also fitted with a system for simulating upstream swimming.
Jacuzzi The Jacuzzi is located close to the pool and has a capacity of 12 people and several intensity levels for the water jets.

Near the pool there's an area that contains a dry sauna and a wet sauna with chromotherapy.

In the utilities space there is also a gym equipped with professional machines including treadmills and ergonomic bicycles.
Massage room
The last room in the utilities space is a massage room with two massage tables and a massage table with water jet.

Locker room
There is a special space for the changing and storage of clothes.